Baking to do for all the neighbors, teachers, coaches? Check. Antsy kids stuck inside? Check. Why not put your kids to work in the kitchen? You’ll create holiday memories and get all that cooking done. Read through our guide for super easy, fun recipes that will fill your family’s bellies and your neighbor’s gift basket. Now that’s a recipe for success.

Homemade Bread in a Bag: Science in the Kitchen

Does baking homemade bread seem impossible? You and the kiddos will rise to the occasion with this simple method from Your Homebased Mom. The kids will practice reading and measuring skills, and will love to watch as their dough puffs up in a ziplock bag. You’ll feel proud of yourself for teaching kids a fun skill. They’ll feel proud of their accomplishment. Serve up your warm loaves with a pot of soup for a cozy lunch or dinner. Get the details here.


Will you be in the kitchen with kids this holiday season? Share with us in a Comment below. 

—Cherie Gough