1. If available, check in ahead of time online or at the kiosk. Add name tags to all of your belongings, even strollers and car seats.
  2. Use ZizzyBee Bags for TSA, toys, snacks, etc. They’re easy to see inside and will keep you organized.
  3. Dress your kids in brightly colored clothing so they’re easy to make out if you’re separated.
  4. Hand out gum for takeoff and landings.  Pack one diaper for every hour you’re traveling, door-to-door.
  5. Provide your kids a new book or inexpensive toy to read or play with on the plane.
  6. If you’re bringing your child’s car seat, consider setting him or her in it for the ride.
  7. Talk about the process with your children beforehand. Make sure they’re aware of what you’ll be doing so it’s less of a surprise.
  8. Let your kids run around while you’re waiting in the long check-in line. This will give them an opportunity to burn some energy.


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