Who wants to wait a whole 365 days to celebrate? Party like it’s their unbirthday any old day. Here are 10 easy ideas for simple-but-special gifts and celebrations for the other 364 days.

Pinwheel Themed Birthday PartyPhoto: Tarah Photography 

1. Weekday Waffles! Whip up this weekend treat on a Tuesday or Wednesday to start the day with a festive air. Stick a few candles on top if you want to get really wild.

2. DIY Face Paint. Nothing says festive like going full lion-face. Use cosmetics you have at home if you haven’t yet invested in a full face-paint kit.

3. Fake Birthday, Free Cake. Tell a little fib at a restaurant that offers the whole song and dance for kiddie birthdays. Just don’t expect to go back next month for their real birthday!

4. Kid’s Choice. Present three awesome options for an excursion (museum? pool? indoor play space?) and let them make their wish.

5. Spa Day. Break out a bucket of warm water, a few clay face masks and the nail polish. A little pampering makes any day extra special.

6. Movie Date. Go catch the latest kid flick on the big screen. Smuggle in plenty of healthy treats, and even let them pick the outfit they want to walk the red carpet in.

7. Sleepover Surprise! Invite their bestie to spend the night.

8. Hit a County Fair or Carnival. The rides are still spinning for a few more weeks, so buy a handful of tickets and prepare to be corn dogged.

9. Road Trip! Pack up the car for a little day trip. A nearby beach, hike or even just a neighboring town will offer a special change of pace.

10. Unwrap Some “Presents.” Wrap up old toys they haven’t seen in a while, your haul from the grocery store or even new needed school supplies. The best part is unwrapping anyway.

Happiest unbirthday to you and yours!!

Do you have any ideas for fun unbirthday celebrations? Tell us in the comments below.