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Hi there,

My name is Mae and I’m thrilled to introduce myself as the new editor of our Spoke Contributor Network! I’ve been a Red Tricycle writer since 2013 and I can’t wait to work with you.

In case you haven’t heard the awesome newsRed Tricycle now reaches 20 million parents each month (YES!). That’s a huge audience of eager eyes on your stories.


I’m here to announce that we’re ready to take Spoke to the next level and in an exciting new direction. It’s no secret that with all of the negative headlines out there, parenting in 2017 can be challenging. We as a company asked ourselves how we want to fit into the current parenting landscape and how we can transcend the “Mommy Wars.” We realized that like us, most parents are looking for something different. They’re ready for a positive change.  

Here’s where Red Tricycle comes in: our company has always been about inspiring parents to create more memories with their families. And, Spoke is a natural extension of our mission. We want to be the premier platform for the positive parenting movement. New partnerships with Girl Scouts, Melissa & Doug, Common Sense Media, Brightly and REI, among others, will help elevate Spoke as the first place where parents go to find the joy in everyday parenting.

What does this mean for you as a Spoke contributor?

We want the stories that motivate our community to discover, adventure and create! Inspire us. Give us humor and heart. Make us laugh out loud. Dig deep and connect us with a personal angle. Inform us, but from a new perspective. 

Here are some sample headlines that are on-brand for this new direction:

  • What I Learned About my Husband from the Contents of His Diaper Bag
  • 32 Ways to Savor Your Kids While You Have Them
  • The Best New Game Night Games that You’ve Never Heard of
  • 12 Ways to Stay Fit in Under 5 Minutes (Because Let’s Get Real)
  • How No More Scheduling Helped Our Family Grow Closer
  • 10 STEM Activities Using Random Kitchen Stuff
  • This Awesome Mom Changed the Way I Think About Parenting
  • 7 Ways to Make Memories this Holiday Weekend
  • 15 Hacks that Will Change Your Next Beach Trip

Before submitting your story, ask if it helps parents do any of these things:

  • Spend quality time with their families.
  • Discover new places, products, tips or services.
  • Learn and grow through research, parenting advice or “hacks.”
  • Express their family’s fun side.
  • Strengthen their relationship with their kids.

Polished pieces are more likely to be accepted. A few friendly revision reminders:

  • Spell check goes a long way!
  • Try bolded headings or numbers to break up a longer piece.
  • Read your post aloud (and trim anything that sounds clunky).
  • Researched-based articles still benefit from a personal spin or anecdote.
  • We love first person essays, but rambling posts will have your readers skimming. Our sweet spot: 400-800 words.

Ready to join the Spoke Contributor Network? Visit our FAQ page for more details or sign up here! For ideas and inspiration, check out our evergreen list. Finally, join our growing Facebook group to connect with Spoke writers, learn more about how to promote your posts, and get writing tips and prompts.

I look forward to sharing your unique voices with the Red Tricycle community. Please feel free to reach out any time:

Ride on!

Mae Respicio
Editor, Spoke Contributor Network