What’s a mom to do with that bucket-load of Halloween candy? If you’re not inclined to let your little ones eat the whole haul (or if you’re afraid you just might scarf down a few too many Butterfingers yourself), here’s a fun & educational way to get rid of it that would make Sid The Science Kid proud.

After Loralee Leavitt’s daughter wondered what would happen if she poured Nerds into a glass of water, the Kirkland mom decided to turn her kitchen into a learning lab by conducting science experiments, using the kiddos’ sweet stash. “Each kid got to save a few favorite treats for later, then we got to work,” Leavitt says. Journaling their findings, they dissolved, melted, froze, floated, and stretched to their hearts content. The biggest surprise?  M&M’s sink, but the letter “m” peels off and floats. Leavitt, who has had a lifetime of interest in science, chronicled their findings at Candy Experiments and includes a simple explanation of “what’s happening” with each experiment. (With the M&Ms, it’s an edible ink that comes off and floats.) She encourages others to conduct their own experiments or use the ideas on her site in the classroom and at Halloween parties.

You may never look at a Skittle the same way again.

Let us know in the comment section below some of your kiddo’s fave science experiemnts!

—Angie Ballas