You’re never too old to ride the rails. To help you discover (and explore) a few awesome engines, we tracked down the best train museums from coast to coast. Whether you’re a big buff or a little buff, these historic sites, antique collections, and interactive exhibits will keep you clickety-clacking down the track. Flip through the album to see them all.

Illinois Railroad Museum – Union, Il

Pick a train, any train and you’re sure to find it at the Illinois Railroad Museum in Union, the country’s largest railway museum. The expansive grounds are laid out to imitate real rail yards, and the many trains you can board and explore are as animated as the latest Disney film (they move!). Be sure to book passage on your favorite diesel, steam engine, or even electric car while you’re there. And, stay for old-school summer weekend activities where vintage train cars, antique trucks, and automobiles straight from the history books take center stage. A blast from the past for the whole family.


photo: Illinois Railroad Museum via Facebook 


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— Allison Sutcliffe