Kids are a curious (and hungry) bunch. Quench their thirst for knowledge with a behind-the-scenes look at how their favorite foods are made. From gourmet candy to classic snacks, we searched coast to coast for the most awesome factory tours for little foodies. Flip through the album below to see our top spots. Each one not only makes for an awesome family adventure but will also answer the age-old question, “How’d they make that?”

Jelly Belly Factory – Fairfield, Ca

They had you at Buttered Popcorn. Or is it Very Cherry? During the 40-minute (free) tour you'll learn about the history of Jelly Belly, you’ll find out why it takes over a week to make a single bean, and you’ll see thousands of beans whizzing by on conveyor belts. Afterward, hit up the candy shop, sample any of the flavors currently being made (Even booger—we dare you!), and load up on your family’s favorite beans. For an up close and personal experience, visitors ages 6 and up can enroll in Jelly Belly University—an exclusive tour in the heart of the factory.

Good to know: Strollers are permitted, so even tiny tots can come!


photo: Gabby Cullen


What’s your favorite food factory tour? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

— Gabby Cullen