Family mealtimes can be tricky. Yes, we know, you’ve tried everything: introducing veggies early, shunning sweets, singing and making goofy faces, and even promising a big fat dessert if they just eat three more bites.  If you’ve run out of mealtime antics, don’t hang up your apron just yet; we have baby and toddler mealtime tools, utensils and products to make meals more fun.



The Cup for Your Big Kid

Your tot wants to do it all herself, and drinking from a big kid cup is no exception. The new 9 oz. sippy cup from Skip Hop will help make it happen. It’s got a no-roll square base (see ya, temper tantrum toss!), and two different settings for fast and slow flow. Simply lock the lid while on-the-go and when she’s ready to drink without a top, simply twist off the cap to make it a standard sipper. It’s translucent so you can see how much fluid is left, is dishwasher-safe, and comes kitted out in Skip Hop’s adorable zoo collection.

Available at, $10.


—Gabby Cullen and Shelley Massey