photo: Huffington Post via screenshot

It’s easy to take your hair for granted until you no longer have any. A few young girls featured in the video below, understand just how powerful their locks can be to help other kids in need and that’s exactly why they’re chopping it all off.

The Little Princess Trust is a charitable organization dedicated to providing free wigs for kids in need throughout the UK and Ireland. Hair donations are used to make the wigs provided for children with hair loss. While you can be any age or gender to donate your hair, the organization has had thousands of kids donate over the years and it’s such an inspiration.


As the Huffington Post video points out, natural wigs can cost thousands of dollars to make and hair donations can help lessen some of the cost for families that are already under financial hardship and stress. The Little Princess Trust has a goal of donating 1,200 wigs this year and thanks to young girls like the ones featured in the video they are well on their way.

If your own kids are inspired by this video, US organizations, like Wigs For Kids and Locks of Love are a great place to get started helping others.

Have you or your kids ever donated your hair to charity? Share your experience in the comments.