If you live in a household with dietary restrictions and food allergies, a candy craving can make things difficult when all you and your gang want is something ooey gooey. We believe candy-induced tummy trouble should be caused only by the sheer volume of too much sugary goodness, not because of an allergy! So here’s an updated list of candies and special treats guaranteed to be free of the most common trouble-makers, like peanuts and tree nuts, gluten and dairy. Feel free to use these lists to help navigate your way down the grocery aisle, but remember: to always check ingredient lists as recipes and manufacturing practices change from time to time – especially at Halloween and other holidays when candy manufacturing is at full tilt!

Sweet Alexis

The short story: Michele is the mother of Sweet Alexis - a girl who was born with multiple life threatening food allergies. Due to the lack of delicious and safe cookies, dairy free desserts and nut free snacks, mom began creating recipes that were not only safe for her daughter but loved by everyone. Baking magic was created and delicious creations were produced. Now, she has a bakery in California but also ships nationwide to any and all! Decadent cookies rule the school: chewy sunflower-butter-chocolate-chip ones make you do a double-take because you can't believe there isn't 'you know what' in it instead! This mail order bakery is peanut free, tree nut free, egg free and dairy free. This Mama turned something devastating into a positive and that in itself feels really sweet.

Online: sweetalexis.com

Are we missing any of your favorite allergy-free candies? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

—Mireille Schwartz