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Go Mama Go Designs is dedicated to and inspired by the beauty, creativity and ingenuity of mothers. We believe that innovation is the key to practicality, safety and style. Our products are the future of crib bedding. Safety no longer has to be compromised for style. The past does not have to dictate how we protect our children and what we see fit for them. As a mother and businesswoman, I hope parents appreciate and enjoy what we are offering them: the only safe and stylish crib bedding alternative that is not only proven to be safe but excluded from all crib bumper bans. Quality, design and safety are the backbone of our company. These features shine through our transitional, superior nursery products that will provide you and your children safety, comfort and beauty for years to come.

Why PURE SAFETY Vertical Crib Liners Are Best from Georgia Fiebrich on Vimeo.


-from Georgia Feibrich, Go Mama Go Designs
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