Summer is here! That means beach vacations, road trips, theme parks, camping and other amazing adventures with your family. And, with all of these activities come mosquito bites, bee stings, sunburn and more. Don’t know how to remove a tick or cure swimmer’s ear? No worries, because we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our list of helpful summer hacks for parents and you’ll be all set.

Homemade Sunburn Relief Cream

Problem: Your kids are burnt to a crisp after a day on the beach.

Solution: You’re definitely going to want to grab some of Freebie Finding Mom’s sunburn cream. This homemade formula includes all of your favorite sunburn relievers in one awesome cream that will give your whole family instant relief.


After Swimming Ear Drops

Problem: Swimming is one of the best parts of summer. But anytime your kids are in the water there’s a possibility they might get swimmer’s ear.

Solution: These annoying earaches are painful, and one way to make sure that your little ones don’t have issues is to try this homemade ear drop recipe from Daily Momtivity.

How to Remove a Tick

Problem: One creepy crawler you’re likely to run into this summer is the tick. Ticks are dangerous, and if your kid gets bit by one of these pesky little guys, you'll need to remove it right away.

Solution: You’ve got two options: Your first choice is to loop a small piece of floss around the tick’s head, pull tight and lift up. Another option is to take a credit card and slide it between the ticks head and your kiddo’s skin. Done! And all without a trip to the Urgent Care. 

Treat Rashes Naturally

Problem: Whether it’s poison ivy, swim trunks or an allergic reaction, rashes can really put a damper on your summertime adventures.

Solution: Try creating a paste with oatmeal or coconut oil and spreading it over the itchy area. Both of these products are natural anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory ingredients that will neutralize the itch.

Summer Cold Remedies

Problem: You might think colds are just a struggle during winter, but colds in the summer are always possible.

Solution: Have your little ones eat a spoonful of honey when they have a sore throat. Another solid choice is giving them as much Vitamin C as possible to boost their immune system. You can also use a humidifier to cleanse the air and add moisture without adding heat.

DIY Bug Sticks and Spray

Problem: Summer is a time for fun in the sun, but it’s also the time when mosquito bites or a bee sting could ruin your whole day.

Solution: If you’re not into the harsh chemicals in the run of the mill bug strays and itch repellents, try this homemade version from Little Sprouts Learning. The natural ingredients are healthy and effective!

Stopping Stomach Bugs

Problem: With all of the awkward storage situations for food in the summer, stomach bugs are a bigger problem than you might think. Coolers aren’t as cold as a fridge, which means things aren’t quite as sterile as we’d like them to be. Plus, your kids might be taking in water from unknown sources.

Solution: In order to keep all of your food sanitary, store raw meat separately from other foods. Another way to combat stomach bugs is to make sure your kids don't swallow any water in lake or ponds.

Soothe Mosquito Bites

Problem: You're out camping or hiking and forget to pack your favorite itch cream.

Solution: If someone gets mosquito bites, and you don’t have anything to help calm the itching, simply warm a spoon under hot water and place it over the bite. The heat from the metal stops the production of the histamines that cause the itching.

Treat Your Bee Sting

Problem: Bee stings are a huge concern in the summer. Even after you’ve removed those pesky stringers, there is usually a lot of swelling and pain. 

Solution: All you need is baking soda and water. This homemade paste will neutralize bee venom and control swelling. The paste will dry and flake off, and you can always apply more if your little ones need it.

— Natasha Davis

Editor’s Note: In the case of a real emergency, please consult a healthcare professional or head for an emergency room.  



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