A magic wand that actually works might just be every young wizard’s dream—and now tech education company Kano wants to make that dream come true. The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit lets kids build their own interactive wands that teach them how to code at the same time.

The kit contains all the parts you need for kids to build a wand that can then be used to complete over 70 challenges that teach kids coding, like connecting code blocks and learning about loops and logic. The wand can also be used create magical effects, like painting pictures, growing pumpkins and making fire on a tablet or device.

The wand is easy enough for younger kids to construct, but the games and challenges presented through the Harry Potter-themed app that accompanies it will keep both kids and adults entertained and learning. The wand is compatible with iOs and Android on tablets and laptops.


The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit is currently available on pre-order for $99.99 and will be available for delivery on Oct. 1. As a pre-order bonus, wannabe wizards can also get a Motion Sensor Kit for free, regularly worth $29.99 (while supplies last). Before you know it you’ll be able to say “Accio, wand!” and make some real magic.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Kano


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