A modern take on an old beauty secret, Hair Fairy satin pillowcases are a natural solution for healthy hair and skin. The benefits of sleeping on satin include preventing frizzy, dry hair, preventing sleep lines and wrinkles and maintaining hair styling and blowouts.

Do you know someone recently diagnosed or being treated for cancer? Sleeping on a satin pillowcase is recommended by the American Cancer Society to soothes scalps tender from chemotherapy treatment and hair regrowth.

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Other benefits of sleeping on Hair Fairy include:

  1. Easier brushing and styling in the morning
  2. Prevents hair loss
  3. Prevents eyelash extensions from snagging during sleep

Each pillowcase comes with a lavender sachet tucked in a corner pocket and is packaged in a gift-worthy box. Kids and teens love Hair Fairy too. Machine washable. Available in standard & king size.

We are proudly women-owned, manufactured in Seattle, WA USA and contribute to our local community and social causes that mean a lot to us!

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