The holiday season likely comes with a few party invites and maybe a sleepover or two! Let your hosts know you appreciate all that behind-the-scenes work with a lovely hostess gift. We’ve rounded up practical, affordable items that are all class without a ton of cash—many of these are under $20. Click through the gallery to get your ideas.

Etta + Billie Lavender Room & Body Spray

Once all the damp (stinky) boots and food scents have cleared the house, a few sprays of this super fresh room spray will give your hosts’ home a nice little palette cleanse. And if they need to sneak off and spray it right onto their own bodies to keep calm and carry on? Well, they can do that, too.


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Photo: Etta + Billie

Do you have a cool go-to hostess gift? Let us know in the comments below.

—Amber Guetebier