“We are loving this modern room decor that three kids share (all under the age of 8). This family has designed a built-in 3 unit bunk bed by hacking together two IKEA bunks and a little creativity! The room is sparsely decorated so the kids can jump, climb, and spread out toys when they want to play. They use  Swoop Bags for their LEGO collection, wooden trains, stuffed animals and to just help contain and organize the toy mess in general. When the bags are not in use, they hang them on a hook or tie them closed OR just leave the bags on the floor (plus, they are modern and stylish so they look great in any room of the house). Made from tough, 100% cotton canvas, Swoops Bag also function as a playmat when opened up. You can read more about the story behind Swoop here or visit their website: www.swoopbags.com. Made in USA – Seattle. ”


-from Sarah Kirk, Swoop Bags
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