No rainbow in the sky today? No problem. Just pick one (or all) of these easy ways to wow the kids with your rainbow-making know-how. Scroll down for the details.

glass kid science photoPhoto: followtheseinstructions via flickr

The Mirror Method

You will need:

A small mirror like a compact mirro

A glass of water (big enough to hold the mirror)

A flashlight

1.Put the mirror in the glass of water.

2. Turn off the lights and draw the curtains. Make sure the room is totally dark.

3. Shine the flashlight on the mirror and check out the cool mini-rainbows. Put your hand behind the glass for extra fun. 

The Garden Hose Techinque

You will need:

A spray bottle or a hose


1. Put the hose on mist or grab your mister and spray it into an area of your yard/house/garden that has natural sunlight hitting it.

2. Let the kids ooh and ahh over your rainbow-making skills, then let each of them take a turn.

The Glass o’ Water Approach


You will need:

A glass of water

A piece of paper


1. Put the glass of water in the sunlight.

2. Put the paper next to it.

3. Let the sunlight stream through the water and create a rainbow on the paper.

Advanced Glass o’ Water Approach:

You will need:

A glass of water

A spray bottle

A piece of paper


1. Put the glass of water on a table or windowsill where there is sunlight.

2. Put the piece of paper on the floor where the sunlight hits, in the line of the glass.

3. Spray the window with warm water where the sun is coming through, and so it lines up with the paper. 

4. Move the glass and paper around until you see a neat little rainbow no the paper.

Can you make a rainbow? What’s your method?


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