If you’re looking for a cheap and chilly way to spend your summer, then hop aboard the Regal Summer Movie Express! Regal Entertainment has just released their 2018 lineup for their annual $1 movie program and it’s everything we’d hoped for.

In case you aren’t familiar, the Summer Movie Express is a 10-week program of family-friendly movies that play at participating locations on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10am. For just $1 per ticket, parents and kids are can pick between two different movies each week (or go to both!) and enjoy a fun film in some much-needed air conditioning.

The best way to check if your local theater participates in the program is to head to the Regal website. In most cases, the program is available at Regal, Edwards and United Artists locations.

In addition to supplying some cheap entertainment for moviegoers, a portion of all proceeds from the Summer Movie Express will also benefit the Will Rogers Institute, a program that helps educate the public on health and fitness, as well as funds research on cardiopulmonary diseases and more.


All aboard!

––Karly Wood

Feature Photo: dbreen via Pixabay 


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