Now that the Easter Bunny has hopped back home, you’ve got dozens of plastic eggs hanging around the house. Before you pack them away until next year, check out these genius ideas for repurposing Easter eggs. Believe it or not, they can be transformed into everything from maracas to terrariums. Check out the ideas below to get inspired.

photo: Made Everyday

1. Shake It Up
This genius idea from Made Everyday is bound to be a hit with your budding musicians. They’ll have a blast filling and decorating the maracas, not to mention the hours of entertainment once they’re done. To see the instructions, head over to Made Everyday.


eggrocket_trishastanley_plasticeggs_easter_nationalphoto: Trisha Stanley via Inspiration Laboratories

2. Round Rockets
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a… plastic egg? We are super egg-cited about this amazing idea from Inspiration Laboratories. Using stuff you probably have in your desk drawers (tape, paper, etc.), it’s a breeze to make a few rockets and have the kiddos race them in two different ways—into the sky or back down to earth. Find out what you’ll need for this fun project over at Inspiration Laboratories.


birdfeeders_stephaniebryan_plasticeggs_easter_nationalphoto: Stephanie Bryan via Playing House in Maryland

3. One for the Birds
Why should bunnies have all the fun? Stephanie, the clever crafter behind Playing House in Maryland, thinks the birds should be in on the action, too. With a bit of bird feed, and sweet sticky stuff, it’s a cinch to make a yummy snack for feathered friends. Want to know exactly what’s needed for this easy project? Fly on over to Playing House in Maryland for the answer.


photo: Crazy Little Projects

4. A Spring Wreath
Craft a colorful wreath that’s perfect for spring like this one from Crazy Little Projects. It’s super easy to make using just a few craft store supplies, and it’s cute enough to display all season long. To get the instructions, visit Crazy Little Projects.


tealightflight_taylorurban_plasticeggs_easter_nationalphoto: Taylor Urban via Taylor Made Creates

5. A Bright Idea
We are still blinking in amazement over this upcycled DIY. With a few supplies (including hot glue and paint), you can make your own gorgeous tealight flight for next to nothing. Find the how-to, and the answer to the question “will the eggs melt?,” over at Taylor Made Creates.


photo: Snowdrop and Company

6. Float Away
Easter eggs become something entirely new with these adorable hot air balloons from Snowdrop and Company. They’ll make a whimsical decoration for your little one’s room, or could be used to stash secret treats. Get the details on how they’re made at Snowdrop and Company.


eastereggTerrarium_brittanyjepson_plasticeggs_nationalphoto: Brittany Jepson via The House that Lars Built

7. Floral Fun
Keep the Spring feeling around longer by creating a mini terrarium. We love this version from The House that Lars Built; not only are the eggs gorgeous, but the flowers aren’t real, which means you and the kids can enjoy the fruit of your labor for more than a few days. Want to know how it’s done? Skip over to The House that Lars Built for the tutorial.


eggpainting_chelseymarashian_plasticeggs_easter_nationalphoto: Chelsey Marashian via Buggy and Buddy

8. Paint the Town
This idea is as easy as putting paint to paper, literally. Perfect for toddler hands, easy-to-grip easter eggs make an awesome addition to any artsy afternoon. Find out what kind of paint to use, and other handy tips, over at Buggy and Buddy.


photo: Tried & True

9. The Bee’s Knees
How cute are these little bees from Tried & True? We love how simple they are—you can craft a flock of them in no time and string them up to add some color to your space. To get the full instructions, visit Tried & True.


eggwash_sarahMcClleland_plasticeggs_easter_nationalphoto: Sarah McClelland via Little Bins for Little Hands

10. Sweet Suds
Easter eggs… if you’ve got a few (or 100) laying around after the big day, then you can easily set up this sweet sensory project we spotted over at Little Bins for Little Hands. All you’ll need is soap, water and enthusiastic kiddos. Wondering where sensory master Sarah got all her gear? Find out over at Little Bins for Little Hands.


eggyogurtpops_jennkossawan_plasticeggs_easter_nationalphoto: Jenn Kossowan via Mama. Papa. Bubba

11. Perfect Pops
How awesome are these frozen yogurt molds from Mama. Papa. Bubba? A perfect way to give your little people an Easter treat without all the sugar, the hardest part of this brilliant idea is making a place for the popsicle sticks. With just a little planning (and an electric tool) you’ll be on your way. Hop on over to Mama. Papa. Bubba for the how-to.


photo: I Can Teach My Child

12. Smarty Snake
We love this craft-meets-learning activity from I Can Teach My Child. Little ones will have a blast practicing their numbers while building fine motor skills. Once it’s done, they’ve got a cute playtime-ready snake. Get all the details at I Can Teach My Child.


photo: A Mom with a Lesson Plan

13. Let’s Play a Game
You can’t go wrong with some good old-fashioned competition, and this idea from A Mom with a Lesson Plan will keep the kids occupied for hours. Gather up your plastic eggs and some empty water bottles, and you’re halfway there. Find out how the game is played by visiting A Mom with a Lesson Plan.


easteregglunch_karawhitten_plasticeggs_easter_nationalphoto: Kara Whitten via A Kailo Chic Life

14. Lunch, Served Egg-Style
You’ve always wanted to serve up lunch bento-style, and here’s a way to do so without having to buy all those little containers. Using eggs and an egg carton, serve up a meal that’s functional and fun. We love the way Kara of A Kailo Chic Life even included an egg-shaped rice krispie treat! Get more fun ideas from A Kailo Chic Life here.

lettereggs_rockabyebutterfly_plasticeggs_easter_nationalphoto: courtesy Rockabye Butterfly

15. Alphabet Eggs
You’ve seen what feels like million and one ways to use plastic eggs as educational additions to play time. Don’t get overwhelmed, because we’ve done the research for you and picked this awesome (& easy) tutorial from Rockabye Butterfly. Grab a marker pen, an egg carton and be on your way to ABC fun.

Do you have any fun ways to reuse plastic eggs after Easter? Share with us in a Comment!

— Gabby Cullen and Susie Foresman