Clipboards are great for grocery store lists (you can even clip coupons to it!). But, when it comes to planning a successful potluck for a classroom of 30 kindergarteners and their families, you might need something with a few more bells and whistles., a free online organizing portal, makes it a snap for busy grown-ups to step up to the plate and participate in their kids’ school and activities. From snack duty and parties to carpools and fundraisers, here’s why you’ll love this reply-all email chain alternative.

  • Say goodbye to annoying chat threads. Coordinating who’s doing and bringing what is a few quick clicks away. Bottom line: whether it’s class readers, meal circles, or consignment sales, when sign up is easy, moms and dads are more likely to do it.
  • Automated reminders and smartphone/calendar sync means you’ll never forget when it’s your turn to pitch in again…and you’ll feel like the superstar parent that you are.
  • Here’s the best part: You don’t have to register an account with a password because, let’s be honest, who needs another password to remember? Instead, parents are authorized via unique credentials.

Being class parent has never been this simple!

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What Other Parents Are Saying:
“Thank you so much for making coordinating parents in my kindergarten classroom so EASY! I will use this program FOREVER. Thank you for offering it as a free service. It is too good to be true!”
— Kathy D., Room Mom, Wexford, PA
“This is my first year using you. It’s very helpful for school get-togethers and potluck organizing. It’s great that you can sign up and tell others what you are bringing, and see what others are bringing. Genius!”
— Kelley F., Potluck Coordinator, Jackson, TN
“Wow! You have saved me hours and hours of emails and phone calls. Thank you!”
— Joyce F., Kindergarten Homeroom Mom, Farifax, VA