Whether you prefer them mashed, baked or french fried, there’s no debating that potatoes are seriously versatile. Switch things up this Thanksgiving by trying out one of these unique recipes that take ‘taters to the next level. From eye-popping purple potatoes to creamy garlic-laced spuds, you’re bound to find a new family favorite. Click through the slideshow below to discover all the starchy goodness.

Potato as Spaghetti

Looking like spaghetti, but tasting like sweet potato, this side dish is not just delicious to eat, but super fun to make, too. Have your kiddos join in on the action, since spiralizing fruits and veggies feels a lot like creating the coolest Play-Doh hair ever. Susan, author of The Wimpy Vegetarian, is the mastermind behind this unique holiday side dish. Click here to get the recipe. If you don't have a spiralizer in your kitchen already, you can purchase one here.

photo: The Wimpy Vegetarian


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— Aimee Della Bitta