You’ve got a three-day pass around your neck. Your backpack is filled with the essentials: water, snacks, binocs and a blanket. There’s a baby strapped to your chest. Whaaa? Yup, even though these days you’re more likely to find yourself at a Music Together session instead of a jam session, don’t say goodbye to the days of summer music extravaganzas. To make it easier to find your happy place, we’ve rounded up ten awesome festivals that don’t just let kids in—they welcome them with open arms.

High Sierra Music Festival – June 30-July 3 – Quincy, Ca

The ultimate in jam-band festivals, High Sierra is like a big warm hug for families. The Family Village scene is always hoppin’, from the Living Folklore puppet shows, family breakfasts and water games to the family talent show, shady chill zone for breastfeeding mothers, and the High Sierra KIDS parade. The Village Greens is always open for play, play and more play, and the Sing Along hut is perfect guessed it, sing-alongs. There’s even the Rockin’ Nannies group of qualified caregivers who host a sleepover each night for parents wanting a little late night music action.

You can pack in food to the festival but be sure to sample the wide array of food trucks, gourmet eats and microbrews that will be available throughout the festival days.

Insider Tip: Head for Shady Grove campground; that’s where you’ll find quiet spots for camping.


Photo: courtesy High Sierra Music via flickr


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— Gabby Cullen