Your wanna-be B.B. King keeps creating riffs while your little Quest Love is keeping the beat. Good news! Your kids love music as much as you do, and they aren’t the only ones tuning in. From a musical prodigy to a second grader whose lyrics really flow, flip through our album below to check out a group of incredible (and musical) kids that move to the beat of their own drum.

Young Dylan

At first glance, seven-year-old Dylan Gilmer looks and acts like any other second grade student. He loves to draw and spend time with his family. He likes music and dancing. But spend a little time with him and the performer in him starts to shine. Young Dylan—his stage name—wowed audience members on The Ellen Show in November 2016 with his adorable smile, confidence, smooth flow, and ability to rap along with some of the biggest names in the game (Drake and DJ Khaled are favorites). He also performed at a Toronto Raptors game while his idol Drake looked on.

His parents noticed he had a knack for remembering whole songs and lyrics when Dylan was three. He doesn’t get nervous, loves to perform and wants to continue practicing and working on his talent, as well as drawing superheroes. He just released his first original song and video: Keep an eye out for Young Dylan in 2017, he’s got some big projects in the works!

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—Gabby Cullen