Your wanna-be B.B. King keeps creating riffs while your little Quest Love is keeping the beat. Good news! Your kids love music as much as you do, and they aren’t the only ones tuning in. From a musical prodigy to a second grader whose lyrics really flow, flip through our album below to check out a group of incredible (and musical) kids that move to the beat of their own drum.

The Warning

This sister act really rocks. All the girls (Daniela, Paulina and Alejandra) started playing the piano between the ages of four and six, and moved on to other instruments around the ages of six to eight. After a couple of years, when the older sisters discovered Alejandra could keep up with them on the bass, The Warning was born. Now Daniela rocks the guitar, Paulina keeps the beat on drums and Alejandra is the bassist. Their very first show was a school Christmas festival, where they performed a cover of the KISS song God Gave Rock and Roll to You—the rest is history.

To The Warning, each show is special, no matter the size, but all the girls agree that playing live on The Ellen DeGeneres Show was the most nerve-racking performance of their career! They’ve played in the main theatre of Berklee College of Music, SWXSW Festival in Austin, Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, House of Blues in Anaheim and their biggest show to date was in January 2016—a Ted Talks from UNV Reno. There are plans for a repeat Ted Talks performance in 2017.

The band spent much of 2016 writing, composing and recording their debut album: It's expected to be released in February of 2017. Each and every song, from the beat to the lyrics, are written by the girls. It's an independent venture, so there are no labels involved, just three sisters and two super supportive parents!

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—Gabby Cullen