Do we really need more picture books about trucks? Yes, we do! No matter that the topic has already been covered; every year brings new construction-themed books to delight young kids who just. can’t. get. enough. Here, we dug up are some classics and recent releases to add to the story time rotation.

Dump Truck Duck

Age: 3-6

A construction site, filled with feathered friends, buzzes with activity. Dump Truck Duck and his colleagues—Dozer Duck and Digger Duck—work hard all day to build a sparkling new park, depicted in soft watercolors. The bubbly rhyme is fun to read aloud: “He honks the horn and calls out, ‘Quack!’ / Then Dump Truck Duck drives right on back.”

Available at, $13.09.

What is your kiddo’s favorite construction book? Share with us in a Comment below!

—Emma Bland Smith