Turn a Drawing Into Jewelry

At Kidz Can Design we launched our business with a vision to provide a unique service: We turn any artwork, photo, print or image of any kind, into .925 sterling silver jewelry and keepsakes—beautiful tokens, designed by your children (or you).

It began with the love and esteem we have for our children, and for their unbridled creativity and candor. Everyone knows, “They grow up too fast!” Our work began with the desire to find a way to capture and honor their vitality. And from a seemingly puzzling problem, a simple idea was yielded: turn children’s artwork into something durable their parents can wear, use and treasure forever!  We set forth to de-clutter the kindergarten-art-covered refrigerators, basements and attics, bringing smiles to proud parents and their proud kids. Inspired by the boundlessness of children’s imaginations we deliver our customers exquisite trophies to cherish for years to come.

Send us an image of the house you grew up in to dangle as a charm at your wrist, a silly portrait your son drew of Dad for a keychain, the smile on your Graduate’s face for a pendant, and be amazed with the transformation.


Kidz Can Design
1200 Ave of the Americas, 5th Floor
New York, Ny 10036
Phone: 212-869-0404
Online: kidzcandesign.com



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