It’s H-O-T outside, and the kids need to stay hydrated, but we’ve all experienced the frustration of an ice cold water bottle dribbling its contents onto and into everything but your child’s mouth. Check out our top 10 picks for leak-proof water bottles that promise to stay sealed shut—and then drink up!

Spill-Proof Splurge

For the kid who needs a nudge to stay hydrated, check out this interactive water bottle from Gululu! It’s definitely a splurge, but reviews show that this bottle is great for kids who typically flat-out refuse to drink water, have health needs that mandate that they stay well-hydrated, or are really resisting potty training. Gululu personalizes and sets water consumption goals for your child, and then reinforces these goals via progress through an adventure with a digital pet. It connects to WiFi through your smartphone, and you can even set up "School Mode" or "Bedtime" in the app to make the bottle distraction-free.

Available at$129.

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—  Katie Brown