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LEGO Creations That Blow Our Minds

LEGOs have infiltrated just about every aspect of our kids lives. No doubt you’ve already spent a small fortune on boxes of the colorful bricks, not to mention copious amount of LEGO themed gear. But despite the fact that nothing can make us wince in pain quite like stepping barefoot onto a rogue brick, we still love that those little plastic pieces are one of the few things that can pry our kids away from their electronic devices. And we aren’t the only ones who feel the same; just check out some people who take their LEGO obsession to another level by building amazing creations that are simply mind-blowing.

The Mona LEGO
We wonder what Da Vinci himself would have to say about this 48 square foot mosaic homage to the most famous work of art ever created. Professional LEGO sculptor Eric Harshbarger even built a custom LEGO brick frame to house this plastic masterpiece.

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite
Nathan Sawaya, the genius behind the museum show: The Art of the Brick, is known for producing some of the most stunning LEGO creations to date. His nod to Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back is life-size and took over 3 months of building to complete…using thousands and thousands dark grey bricks. The three dimensional effect on this model is super cool.

Angry Birds
Just when we thought our kids couldn’t get enough Angry Birds, Tsang Yiu Keung, a LEGO artist from Hong Kong, combined our kiddos’ obsession with knocking down green pigs with their love of plastic bricks to replicate the entire Angry Bird family (slingshot included).

LEGO Stegosaurus
The inspiration for this LEGO sculpture is over 150 million years old, but took a measly 7 months to complete. It measures over 14 feet long and over 6 feet tall. It got so big that it took up an entire room in sculptor Henry Lim’s apartment. Had there been more room to build, Lim claims he would have made the dino completely life-sized.

Pop-Up Storybook Castle
Dedicated in memory of Waldo H. Hunt, the “King of the Pop-Up Book,” the pages of this giant pop-up book take on a life of their own with a three dimensional castle that looks like it’s been carved out of the book itself. There’s even a poem printed on the ‘pages’ of this LEGO book that tells the story of a prince and a princess who are separated from true love by the tall castle walls.


LEGO Church
Dedicated in memory of builder Amy Hughes’ cat Precious, this LEGO creation is one of the most detailed builds on our list. The church boasts its own organ, an 80 person choir, an over 1000 person congregation, a glass roof, and a complete sermon written from the perspective of a LEGO preacher.


M.C. Escher’s “Impossible Staircase”
Wow. This LEGO build left us scratching our heads wondering how creator Andrew Lipsom could concentrate long enough to pull off this complicated design without inducing a migrane.

LEGO Cello
Not every LEGO build on our list is meant to be admired from a distance; LEGO bricks were created to be toys after all! This playable LEGO cello is yet another masterpiece by Nathan Sawaya, and even though it may not sound as rich as a non-LEGO cello, it’s completely to spec. What’s next? An entire LEGO symphony? It would undoubtedly have to be called The Plastic Philharmonic.

Brickley the Sea Serpent
Now long gone, Brickley was the friendly Sea Serpent that lived in the waters outside the LEGO store in Orlando at Disney World. While this smiley serpent may be gone, you can purchase your own mini version of Brickley online and prop him inside your fish tank for a similar effect.


To Infinity and Beyond!
Coming in at a whopping 19 feet tall, this LEGO rocket is all set to blast off into space. The Saturn V rocket was the propulsion system used to launch the Apollo 11 shuttle into space (and by the looks of the images, a few droid stowaways too). Hats off to Ryan “The BrickMan” McNaught for completing this 120,000 brick behemoth.

lego saturn v

The 25 Days of LEGO
The elves are busily working away in Santa’s Workshop in this giant advent calendar that has 25 individually themed rooms for each day leading up to Christmas. If you look carefully, you can see Santa checking his naughty or nice list, elves wrapping presents, and even Santa’s mechanics fixing his sleigh.


Godzilla vs Giant Robot
Just when you thought the city was safe from harm, in comes LEGO Godzilla! Ok, so he’s supposed to be green, but work with us. Luckily, a giant robot is here to do battle with his lizard foe. Everything from the fire coming out of the lizard’s mouth to the rocket-propelled arm is perfectly captured in stunning color and detail. We can think of a few of our boys who could stare at this build for awhile.


Dancing Janitor
The shading on this mosaic is absolutely amazing, even if it isn’t in 3D. Plus, seeing this janitor clutching a rose in between his teeth and dipping his mop dance partner is enough to put a smile across our faces.

lego janitor

The “New” New Orleans
This build was commissioned after the events of hurricane Katrina in 2005. Each building was inspired by drawings submitted by kids who were asked what was important in the rebuilding of New Orleans. The city rising out of the hand is a remarkable effect, and deeply symbolic for the effort that went into reconstructing the city. It is on permanent display in the Main Library Branch of the New Orleans Public Library.

new orleans

A Bicycle Built for…
While it may be hard to see at first glance, this “green” bicycle is towering over a bunch of little cars all stuck in traffic. The cars were built with the help of thousands and kids who came together at the Brickmagic LEGO fan event in a collaborative effort to raise awareness for green forms of transportation.


Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the making of this rug! A fine addition to your lavish playspace, this LEGO bear rug should be enjoyed while daintily sipping on your sippy cup and sporting a monocle. But don’t let its appearance fool you; we wouldn’t recommend stepping on this rug. The textured look is totally awesome, and we can’t even begin to imagine how long it took to sort through all those white bricks to achieve it.

lego bear rugAnd for the grand finale…

A LEGO House!
Listen for the sound of your kiddo’s jaw dropping to the floor or the symphony of “cool!” when he or she get a look at this life-sized LEGO house. Commissioned by James May (you may know him from the BBC show Top Gear), this two story house contains 3.3 million LEGO bricks. And the LEGO bricks don’t just serve as the foundation; literally everything in the house is made of LEGOs including: a working toilet, a hot shower, the windows, and a very uncomfortable bed. Sadly, the house was de-bricked when May couldn’t find anyone who wanted it! Well, at least it made for a truly epic build.


lego-house-bathroom lego-house-windows
How awesome are these builds? Which of these would inspire your LEGO crazy kids to start building a masterpiece of their own?

–Scott Wardell

photo credit: Eric Harshbarger, Nathan Sawaya, Tsang Yiu Keung, Henry Lim, Amy Hughes, Andrew Lipsom, Stephen Sherman, Jeff Megreim, Ryan McNaught, OliveSeon via flickr, Thomas Quine via flickr, BrickMagic 2011 flickr

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