Instead of a yet another Elsa or Ninja Turtle, go for something truly unique this Halloween that lets your little pumpkin pay homage to this awesome city with an only-in-LA costume. From signature LA eats to songs about SoCal, these insider costumes are sure to take home a prize for creativity.

Lil Sriracha Hot Stuff

The most buzz-worthy condiment of all time is, of course, an LA original. While it might be featured on every menu and food item imaginable, Sriracha is only the real deal if it’s bottled in the Huy Fong factory in Irwindale. Dress your own spicy tot up like the humble LA hot sauce that took over the food world. Hot stuff, indeed!

photo: Buzz Bear Studio

What are your little Angelinos dressing up as for Halloween? Share in the comments and show off your creative costumes on Instagram!

—Shahrzad Warkentin