Your little one is special. You can’t give them an ordinary party! We hunted high and low to find the most hands-on and fabulous, unique and unknown parties around. This won’t be a run of the mill party. This is the one they’ll remember forever. Oh, and all you have to do is bring the cake, so it’s all kudos and no knocking yourself out.


photo credit: Meghan Rose

A Junior Chef Party in the Hotel Bel-Air Kitchen
Spectacular. Impressive. Tasty. And incredibly fun. If you’ve got a little Top Chef foodie, a kitchen messer-upper, a gadget worshipper, or a Martha Stewart in the making, this secret cooking class that takes places behind the scenes in the spectacular Bel-Air Hotel kitchen makes for the perfect party. Executive chef Hugo Bolanos and his team host a private party in the kitchens of Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air. Kids learn the basics of culinary arts as they get a hands on lesson that includes something savory (like hand tossing pizza or making fresh pasta) and something sweet (like ice cream or apple pie).


photo credit: Meghan Rose

At the end of the party, little chefs sample their culinary creations, enjoy a tour of the kitchen, and go home with signed chef’s hats, aprons and recipes for the treats they prepared.


photo credit: Meghan Rose

Junior Chef Cooking Class/Party at the Bel-Air Hotel
701 Stone Canyon Rd., Los Angeles
Phone: 310-909-1644
Prices: $75 a guest, from 2-8 kids
Ages: Ages 4 & up


photo credit: Silke Fernald

A Jewelry Making Party at Kidd’s Jewelry Heist 
Kelly Kidd helps kids make a masterpiece of a necklace, bracelet or other fun piece. This hidden “gem” (pardon the pun) is tucked away in the back of the amazing Dinosaur Farm toy store. You choose whether your guests will make bracelets or necklaces (or both) and then the party begins. Kids start by making a birthday greeting page for the birthday girl or boy, where thumbprints become the gems of the necklace.  Then little artists can selecting gems & unique charms throughout the parlor.  There are all kinds of cool selections, from princess jewels to shark teeth, darling ballerinas to pirate skulls and both boys and girls have a blast. Then kids begin the creating process on a jewelry design board, where they get to play designer and assembler.


photo credit: Silke Fernald

No tricky tools to worry about though—the design hosts take care of all cutting, sizing, & clasping where necessary. When each masterpiece is complete, little designers name their piece as an official announcement is made with the ringing of a bell. Then there’s cake time and before everyone goes home, each guest picks a bead that best describes the birthday boy or girl, which makes one memorable friendship necklace keepsake. Since kids take their bling home, there’s no need for you to worry about a goody bag.


photo courtesy of Kelly Kidd

Kidd’s Jewelry Heist (in The Dinosaur Farm)
1510 Mission St., South Pasadena
Phone: 626-319-9510
Prices: From $25 a guest for a 2 hour party
Ages: Anyone who loves shiny baubles, from 3 year-olds to 103 year-olds will love these parties.

Petite Fleurists Party

photo courtesy of Fleurish

Petite Florists Flourish at Fleurish
This new shop in Brentwood dazzles all your senses from the minute you walk in and it’s the perfect place for nature, beauty and plant loving kids to have a party. Though flower arranging might sound like a grown-up activity, the bursts of color from the array of gorgeous flowers, the smell of the blooms, the fun interactive ipad tutorials, the amazing-with-kids tutors and the fun flower cutting and stripping tools are a blast for both boys and girls of all ages.


photo credit: Meghan Rose

Kids can pick (from a selection you pre-determine) a vase that could be anything from a regular vase to a cool shaped vessel like a ceramic jewerly box or shape in honor of the birthday celebrant, then they select flowers, bling, feathers and pizzaz and go to work on their own creation. The party includes an interactive photo kiosk booth, a demonstration or lesson and time for cake! And here too, everyone goes home with their own arrangement, so once again, no need for goody bags.

Petite Fleurists

photo courtesy Fleurish

11906 San Vicente Boulevard, Los Angeles
Phone: 310-575-8775
Prices: They’ll work with you! Let them know your budget, per guest, and they’ll help you pick options for the kids (flower types and vase selections) that meet your needs.
Ages: The parties are designed for kids 7 & up, but kids as young as 5 have a blast with a little extra help.

Virginia Hankins as Merida from Brave

photo courtesy of Sheroes Entertainment

Shoot For an Archery Party with Sheroes Entertainment
With little girls into Merida and big girls (and boys and parents) finding Katniss a kick-butt hero for the ages, archery is having a moment. So, have an bow and arrow party (totally safe, we promise!) in your own backyard. Choose from themes like camping, Robin Hood, Highland Princesses, or other fantasy themed parties.

medieval archery party group

photo courtesy of Sheroes Entertainment

An entire traveling archery range comes to your house or a park and skilled archers will teach real sports skills (in costume) all while creating a whole fantasy experience and building confidence and having fun! Did we mention it’s absolutely safe? All the staff members are certified USA Archery Coaches with special youth coaching certifications. They teach a safety lesson, shooting lessons and then host shooting games. They also have the option of indoor safe arrows, not just pointy arrows. The bows are all real, just lightweight and can be pulled back by kids as young as 5. So for a completely different party they’ll never forget, shoot for the stars. They just might teach you to hit them!

Sheroes Entertainment
Phone: 805-328-4911
Prices: $435 for a 1 ½ hour party. Book early – it’s a small and exclusive team and they book up fast.
Ages: Kids age 5 & up can handle these bows.

What’s the most special and unique birthday party you’ve thrown for your kids? We’d love to know!


-Meghan Rose