We have three simple steps that will ensure the perfect Mother’s Day. Step 1: Flip through this guide. Step 2: Forward to the people who will spoil you (spouse, partner, parents, kids who can read, friends, etc.). Step 3: Don’t forget to mention which fabulous activities and adventures you fancy the most. Now just relax, be pampered and enjoy. Happy Mother’s Day!

Science Moms Can Get Extreme

Bio-mamas rejoice: Mother’s Day is the day that a brand new exhibit opens at the Museum of Natural History. It’s called Extreme Mammals and features some totally unique mammals, like the platypus, land whale and tree sloths. The perfect place to bring your kids if they think you’re a little strange; show them some distant relatives that are really weird! Then you can enjoy Family Day at the museum with performing arts, pop-up fossil displays and live animal presentations. Exhibit details.

photo: Natural History Museum


If you need more Mother’s Day ideas, check our calendar for even more events on Mother’s Day. What are you doing to celebrate Mom?

—Meghan Rose