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“CodeREV Kids is the hottest new coding program for kids!  Our focus is being educational and fun for kids, while teaching the most important skills for their future.  Coding is the reading and writing of the next generation, so don’t let your child be code-illiterate. Give them the power of learning to create with technology.

Summer Camps
We teach coding and 3D digital art to students ages 6-16.  Our summer camps are 1 week, explosively fun filled camps, centered on learning a specific topic and program for that week.  Students come home with a finished project that they can play at home, continue to work on if they wish, and show off to friends and family.  Bring your son or daughter to our camp and it will change their lives forever.  We provide more fun, experienced, and qualified instructors, and teach a more comprehensive and fun curriculum.  We are the place real coders bring their kids.

At CodeREV Kids students learn Computational Thinking. This encompasses a wide range of programming concepts and languages. Lessons build upon one another, and we adjust starting points to each student’s level of expertise; this way, the entire curriculum is customized. While we like to say we are the most educational coding program out there, we also focus on having fun. This way, students stay engaged while learning to explore their creativity with technology. See more about CodeREV Kids on Vimeo and check out our different Tracks of Classes below!

Our After School Tracks

We have five different tracks students can choose from. These each begin with introductory concepts which then lead to intermediate and advanced topics. The beauty of our program is that the tracks are designed so that students can traverse back and forth between them, whatever their level of expertise may be.

Da Vinci Track
Students Learn: 2D & 3D Graphic Design, Effects and Computer Animation
Programs Mastered: Tinkercad, Gimp, Maya

Web Magic Track
Students Learn: Web Development with HTML, CSS, & Javascript
Programs Mastered: Liveweave and Sublime Text

Rocking Robotics Track
Students Learn Hands-on: Electrical Engineering, 3D Modeling, beginning C++ programming
Programs Mastered: Rasberry Pi, Lego Mindstorms, Arduino

Game Developer Track
Students Learn: Computational Thinking, Java, C#, & Javascript
Programs Mastered: Scratch, Gamesalad, Minecraft Modding, Unity 3D Game Development Engine

Interactive Programming Track
Students Learn Hands-on: JavaScript, Python, & Coffeescript
Programs Mastered: CodeMonkey, CodeCombat, CodeREV Gym”

CodeREV Kids Inc.
1639 16th Street
Santa Monica, Ca 90404
Phone: 310-450-4984
Online: http://www.coderevkids.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coderevkids


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