Dawn Barnes Karate Kids

Dawne Barnes Karate Kids


When your little one starts to karate chop anything and everything in sight, it’s time to take their love of combat from your living room to a safe and fun environment. Dawn Barnes’ Karate Kids is the perfect spot to introduce your energetic littles to the art of karate.

At Karate Kids, Sensei Dawn–a mother of two and a black belt– and her staff have the art of fun and education down to the last roundhouse kick. Founded by Sensei Dawn in 1995, Karate Kids aims to be the “best martial arts school for children in the world” packed with specialized classes to have your next karate kiddo learning about self-respect, physical fitness and an appreciation for others before you can say “wax on, wax off.”
So move over Ralph Macchio ‘cause these instructors have a specialized curriculum that focuses on providing little ones of all ages karate classes in a safe and supportive environment.

Since first opening in 1995, Dawn Barnes’ “Gozen” curriculum has gained popularity amongst parents as Karate Kids emphasizes “life-skills” such as honesty, kindness and courage through her curriculum in a fun, physical and positive way.

From Karate Kittens, Tiger Tots, Lions and Dragons, Sensei Dawn has created a unique brand of karate for kiddos called, “Gozen.” This child-style karate incorporates kid-friendly movements that are fun, encourage fitness, and can be used for playground appropriate self-defense.

And if you’re a busy mamma or papa on the go, Sensei Dawn has your back. Her classes at Karate Kids are open attendance so you can drop your little ninja off at any of their six locations to suit your busy needs.
Karate Kids also offers award-winning Birthday Parties to students and non-students. Let your child play “black belt” for the day and lead his friends through a fun karate class. That’s a party they won’t forget!

For information on how you can sign your little one up for classes and where to take them, visit the Dawn Barnes Karate Kids website here.  Sign up for a free class here.

DBKK-Santa Monica
3015 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Online: karatekids.net
Phone: 310-449-1700

There are multiple DBKK locations, please click here for more locations.


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