Introducing OH YES! pizza (as in, “Oh, yes!” it’s healthy), a pizza company created by two Santa Monica parents that just happen to be doctors, who decided that the world’s most popular food should be something that’s not only yummy, but nutritious, too. With 12 fruits and veggies per pie—as well as gluten-free and vegan options—this stuff will let you gladly acquiesce to your kids’ nightly dough-and-cheese requests.

broccoli pizza

The Nugget of an Idea
The idea for “OH YES!” came from its founders’ own struggle to feed their kids healthy meals. Doctors Emily Sikking and Chip Milam were both successful physicians (she’s an OBGYN; he’s an anesthesiologist); but while their son was always a good eater, their daughter was always tough to feed. “Every night it was chicken nuggets, hot dogs, or pizza,” said Milam, who after 10 years as a physician decided he wanted to pursue a career in business. “Chicken, hot dogs, pizza. That’s all she ate.”

Hundreds of nuggets later, it came to them: “Chip came home from business school one night and I was struggling to feed [our daughter],” Sikking said. “I said, ‘Why don’t you just figure out how to feed her?'”

And so they did. Working with Emily’s brother, a professional chef, the husband-and-wife team created a pizza with so much good stuff in it (Guava! Papaya! Beets!) that you’ll be amazed it doesn’t taste like a fruit salad or vegetable stew.


You Won’t Believe What’s in It
These people are doctors in LA, after all — land of the non-fat, non-dairy, half-caff, not-too-much ice, iced lattes. They know how we eat. Consequently, OH YES! is the sort of pizza that caters to people who don’t normally eat pizza. Can’t have gluten? No problem: There’s a gluten-free pizza that uses rice and potato flours. (By the way, did you know rice flour makes crusts extra crispy? It’s true!) Don’t do dairy? There’s a vegan option loaded with Follow Your Heart cheese. And, for those who can’t do either, there’s a gluten-free, dairy-free option pizza that actually tastes better than you’d think.

And because the creators are doctors who are trying to sneak the good stuff into kids, whether it’s dairy-free or vegan, OH YES! dough is also made of superfoods including quinoa, cauliflower, butternut squash, carrots, and green bell peppers. As for the sauce, it’s made of tomatoes, red bell peppers, broccoli, kale, beet, guava, and papaya. When all is said and done, a single serving of the regular cheese pizza gives you 60 percent of your daily needs for vitamin A; 50 percent of your Vitamin C needs; 35 percent of your calcium requirements; and 20 percent of your daily needs for iron.

So there you go, kids. Have a slice. The doctor says so.  And a pizza a day, keeps the doctor away.


Where to Get It
OH YES! is sold at Whole Foods markets throughout California (and a few in Arizona) as well as select Southern California Ralph’s. It will also be released in Southern California Target stores starting in September. To see where  you can get it near you, check out the online store locator here. Sells for $7.99 for the 10″ wheat, while the Gluten-Free is $8.99 (may vary by store).



OH Yes pizza

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—Melissa Heckscher

All photos courtesy of Emily Sikking/ OH YES!