You may remember library children’s sections from your own childhood as small, quiet spaces filled with card catalogs, dusty bean bag chairs and serious librarians who would not tolerate noise of any kind. Lucky for our 21st century tots, libraries now make kids a huge priority and some really go out of their way to do so. From puppet shows and traveling musicians to science experiments (bubble making for the win!) and stuffed animal sleepovers, read on to discover 7 libraries that know how to turn story time into glory-time.

West Hollywood Library

The Children’s Room in this modern library is tucked (wisely) back in a large corner on the first floor so the pressure for your little readers to be stone-cold silent isn’t too intense.

The "More" Factor: Aside from the rows and rows of well-kept books & DVD’s for every age, there are also puzzles, blocks, small toys, puppets, coloring pages/crayons and 2 kid-friendly computers on hand to explore. Kids young and old will love the theater-like layout of the event room used for all-things fun such as toddler/family story time, magic shows and science demonstrations like “Bubbleology 101.” With a large attached parking garage (free with library validation) and the West Hollywood Park just steps away, your bookworms will be in literary heaven.

625 N. San Vicente Blvd.
West Hollywood

photo: Jenifer Scott


Do you have a favorite library that has a little something more than books? Let us know in the comment section!

—Jenifer Scott