“There’s still time to sign up for the Summer II Music Series: SURFIN’ USA with LoveBug & Me Music… our 2016 Truly Awesome Award Winner for “Best Music Class of Los Angeles”! Sign up for the 4 week series or do a Drop In class, if there’s space available. Ages 0 – 4. July 31 – August 26th. Here are the deets…

Surf’s up with this 4 week SURFIN’ USA music series! The new LoveBug & Me Magical Music theme is all about imagination and summer fun. The summer singing and dancing will make us feel like we’re catching some waves while having fun with our favorite sea creatures at the beach….. without getting sand in our “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polkadot Bikinis”. You will be hula-ing in Hawaii… and definitely be “Surfin’ USA” with your little lovebug. “Summertime” is when we can relax “Under the Boardwalk” and have fun playing with all our friends… “California Girls” (and boys, too).

Contact: (310) 3-LOVE-63


Class locations all over Los Angeles and even in your own home!”


-from LoveBug & Me Music
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