Your mom squad has provided countless personal recommendations for sitters, play spaces and dentists. But if you’re looking to expand your discoveries beyond your village, turn to Momstamp, a platform started by moms for moms. Momstamp will not only help your family find local service providers from contractors to tutors, the network also provides an ideal space for mompreneurs to promote their businesses directly to the mom community. They say it takes a village. Read on to meet yours.

Why Momstamp Rocks for Mompreneurs
Momstamp allows small business owners to market to and connect with the mom community in the most direct way possible. Entrepreneurs get the rare (and invaluable) opportunity to see what other moms are seeking in the marketplace, and then respond to those needs through a direct offer of services. Maybe a mom is desperately searching for the tastiest cupcakes in town and you’re opening a new bakery. Or junior needs after-school help with his arithmetic and you own a tutoring company. Connecting a family’s needs to dependable providers who can actually help is what Momstamp is all about. They close the gap between small business owners and local parents who seek their services.


Unlike other review sites, Momstamp promotes your company via trusted recommendations from fellow parents instead of long diatribes from opinionated strangers. They offer business owners a level of credibility like never before.

Any entrepreneurs who offer their services on may be featured in their weekly newsletter and featured in the Momstamp marketplace. This perk for small business owners gets you targeted marketing to the parents you’re trying to reach most. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Beyond Small Business Owners: What Momstamp Can Offer You!
In addition to helping mompreneurs, Momstamp also provides everyday parents a unique forum to connect with friends (and friends of friends) to find exceptional local service providers. Users can exchange word of mouth recommendations with other reliable parents they know (or know by proxy) about everything from speech therapists and nannies to dog trainers and swim teachers. If families have questions about a particular provider or need further clarification, they can simply ask their Momstamp friends before wasting time with someone who may not be the best fit. Making parents’ lives easier is name of the Momstamp game.

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– Jennifer O’Brien

photos: Momstamp