With a seemingly endless array of screens, electronics and other home gadgets clamoring for your family’s attention, it can be tricky for parents to help their kids disconnect—let alone unplug yourself, too.

That’s when OhmConnect had a truly inspired light bulb moment: encourage families like yours to turn off the lights and the TV, head outside and spend some quality time together, unplugged—oh, and they want to pay you for it, too! OhmConnect is a the only energy-sharing service of its kind that pays families cash for saving energy at home. Here’s what makes OhmConnect an eco- and budget-friendly choice to create more meaningful family time while saving big on your monthly energy bill:

  • Power down during #OhmHours once or twice a week, when dirty power plants are at their most overtaxed during heavy energy consumption from the grid—except for your house, of course! (Don’t worry, OhmConnect will ping you with an email or text to let you know when to turn it all off.)
  • Sync your FREE OhmConnect account with your online PG&E, SDG&E or Southern California Edison utility account to start earning cash for saving energy. The more you save, the more you get paid—it’s that simple.
  • During your #OhmHours, head outside and soak up some sunshine while spending time with the fam. Catch some rays, reduce your carbon footprint andearn money for saving energy—now that’s a bright idea!

Sign up for your FREE OhmConnect account and link your online utility account to start earning monthly moolah while saving the environment an hour or two at a time.

Save energy, save the world and get paid. Brilliant.

Get Paid to Save