Sierra Canyon School

Sierra Canyon School is a co-ed, independent, non-profit college preparatory school for ages Early Kindergarten through Twelfth grades located in the north west corner of the San Fernando Valley. Fostering a community of excellence begins within the Elementary Program which encompasses Early-Kindergarten through 6th Grade.  The foundation for social, emotional and academic success is cultivated and nurtured during the tender ages of 4-12. During these important stages of development, children learn to become engaged and active students at the gentle hands of dedicated and experienced teachers. Within a child-centered environment, students learn to think critically, listen genuinely, and wonder profoundly.  Sierra Canyon Lower School is committed to developmentally appropriate practices that emphasize passionate and differentiated instruction for children and families who are committed to building strong minds and gracious hearts.

With nearly a 40 acre collective footprint, dedicated to classrooms, playground space, and more trees that one can count, you will be amazed at the learning opportunities awaiting you at Sierra Canyon Lower School.

Please visit www.sierracanyonschool.org or call and schedule an appointment today! 818-882-8121

Applications now being accepted for the 2017-2018 School Year.


000002309-krv3-fgcg1zpjn_mt49-from Sierra Canyon School
11052 Independence Ave.
Chatsworth, Ca 91311
Phone: 818-882-8121
Online: sierracanyonschool.org
Twitter: twitter.com/sierracanyon



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