In LA, we’re known for our palm trees, but come Christmas time, nothing gets between an Angeleno and their fir (or maybe spruce or pine). These Christmas tree selecting spots offer every variety: live trees, chopped trees, pink flocked, table toppers and 15 foot behemoths.  You can also pick from chop-your-own, supporting schools, home delivery, contributing to charity, taking a train to your selection or having it tied to your roof in a city parking lot.

Meet the Tree Matchmaker

Tina’s welcomes families with a warm, friendly atmosphere, and you can choose your perfect tree from their assortment of Noble, Douglas, and Grand Firs. Or ask for Tina’s help in finding the perfect tree–she’s the matchmaker of trees! Describe what you need (size, smell, how long you want it to last, etc.) and she’ll match you with the perfect variety for you. Didn’t know that with your tenacious three-year-old pulling on branches you might want to try a durable Fraser Fir this year? Now you do.

Inside Tips: If you’ve got tall ceilings or big rooms to fill, this is a good spot for you as they've got loads to pick from in size XL.

Location: Sherman Oaks and Calabasas
Hours: Open daily through Christmas from 9 a.m.–9 p.m. (The Calabasas location opens at 10 a.m. on weekdays.)

photo: Tina’s Trees via facebook

Which Christmas tree lot does your family visit year after year? Or, do you opt for an artificial tree—we want to know!

additional image by Shari via Flickr