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Sleeping on Hair Fairy prevents nighttime hair tangles, frizz and bed head by preventing the friction that causes the hair to tangle. Morning brush-outs are easier and stress-free for both kids and their parents and caregivers.  Each pillowcase is made from high quality, machine-washable satin and fit a standard size pillows found in most kids bedrooms.  Great for women and teens too!

  • Works for all hair types
  • Prevents tangles, frizz and bedhead
  • Retains natural hair moisture
  • Cozy and soft for tender heads and skin
  • Kids line comes with cuddly plush Harriet doll
  • Women and Teens line comes with lavender sachet

Created by a Seattle mom and used by thousands of kids, read how it works and what girls and moms are saying here.

Enter REDTRI15 for 15% at tanglefreedreams.com.


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