“Mamatotowear started when I was pregnant with my first baby in 2005. I wanted to make maternity and nursing tops that were specifically tailored to pregnant and nursing moms, tops you could wear when pregnant and breastfeeding that were comfortable, durable and fashionable. So I created Mamatotowear.

It became very apparent to me that there were many ways to produce clothes, wth varying degrees of ethics, and it is important to me that the clothes were made with an eco conscious mind and a fair practice. Our clothes are made on Market street in San Francisco, where we started. Before words like Eco Conscious and Fair Made were in use, we were doing it.

Our tops are awesome for all mothers. Because our tops are designed to fit through pregnancy and postpartum you get so much use out of them (I still have some clothes that I have been using through three pregnancies). The overlapping front panels of our nursing wear lets you breastfeed discreetly without covering your baby in one of those tent covers. Feed your baby wherever, whenever, comfortably and discreetly.”


-from Hanna Schaer, Mamatotowear
Online: mamatotowear.com
Facebook: facebook.com/mamatotowear
Twitter: twitter.com/mamatotowear
Instagram: instagram.com/mamatotowear



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