It’s no secret that moms are powerhouses of invention and creative problem solving. They do it on a daily basis and often in the face of public meltdowns and wild animal-like antics. We’re scoping the scene for new or noteworthy mom-created projects and products that are solving problems, bringing joy and creating lasting memories. Click through the gallery below to see our current faves, and watch for more spotlights on mom-invented gear we love.

A New Tradtion: The Finnbin

Catherine Merritt has been a long-time support of moms: she’s the genius behind MUMZY, the first and only crowdfunding platform for moms. Catherine sold MUMZY last year and is on to her newest venture, Finnbin. Co-founded with Shawn Bercuson (entrepreneur and superdad), Finnbin brings the Finnish tradition to the U.S. for the first time ever. What is a Finnbin? It’s a cardboard box full of newborn items, including bibs, bedding, clothing, a swaddle, bath essential and more. The best part? The box can actually be used as baby’s first bed. Don’t believe us? The Finns have been doing this for more than 80 years! We love these self-contained boxes that pair down the clutter and focus on what you need for you new arrival, so you can focus on baby! “To play a role in providing the peace of mind to new parents is such an incredible feeling as an entrepreneur and a fellow mom,” says Catherine.


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—Amber Guetebier
All photos provided by companies