“When I was a young design student at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, I fell in love with the idea of creating children’s wear. The inspiration for MontanaMilan comes from the names of my two eldest daughters; like the simplicity in the big sky state of Montana, and the legendary beauty of Milan. I wanted my company to be rooted in my truth as a mother, and for my brand to have a story close to my heart.

Reconditioning a need in the industry, I envisioned creating timeless, classic, and non-commercial children’s garments inspired by the color, adventure, and playfulness of childhood. All MontanaMilan fabrics are 100% chemical free, and our products are Made in the USA bringing you the absolute best in style and consciousness.

What has started out, as a passion for design has become an engaging and wonderful journey. I truly hope that by sharing my joy, your young ones will sing in the rain, smile with the sun, and enjoy being a child. My vision is to allow your child to explore the world in gentle garments.”


 – from Carmen Fredrick, MontanaMilan
825B. North Lessing Street
Chicago, Il 60642
Phone: 312-208-1617
Online: http://www.montanamilan.com
Facebook: facebook.com/MONTANAMILAN
Instagram: instagram.com/montanamilan



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