Mealtime battles: We’ve all been there. So that’s why we’re filing muffin tin meals under “Best Parenting Hacks of All Time.” If you think about it, nothing could be more kid-friendly — small bites, lots of choices and … here’s the biggie … teeny separate portions. So go ahead and table that cereal-for-dinner idea (we’ve been there too). Click through our album and serve up healthy fun.

Food Groups? Check!

Bright colors, fun accessories and a bevy of yummy options: this meal from Eats Amazing is a muffin tin meal trifecta. Cute silicone cups create a lunchtime adventure with minimal effort. Using all 12 openings will ensure you cover the basic four -- food groups, that is. Added bonus: Don't miss the baby version of this meal, too!

photo: courtesy Eats Amazing


What kind of meals do you like in your muffin tins? Share with us in the comments!

— Selena Kohng