It’s no secret that we love uncovering new and cool products and gear that make parents’ lives easier. From scouring the web to working with brands big and small to attending trade shows like the annual ABC Kids Expo held last month in Las Vegas, we make it our mission to tell you what products are really worth your time and money. With the baby and kids space endlessly evolving and reinventing itself, we’ve uncovered a few recent trends and brand-new products you can expect through the holidays and beyond.

Convenience Because Your Life Is Complicated Enough

Beyond more sleep, what any savvy parent craves is more convenience as they go about their daily lives. Brands are listening and they’re releasing products and gear that are not only convenient, but are also multi-functional. Here are three new things that recently caught our eye:



Reversible Play Mats from Skip Hop

If you're looking for functional play mats with a bit more style, turn to Skip Hop's latest reversible play  mats launching January 18, 2018. They're designed to double the choices for stylish, baby safe floor covering. On one side you'll find a bright and colorful pattern perfect for playtime. Flip it over for a more modern look. All play mats are totally PVC-free and roll up for convenient transport and storage. Available in January for $100 at


Beaba Big Flopsy Maternity & Nursing Pillow

You probably are most familiar with Beaba and their amazing baby food cookers. And come early 2018, you’ll have one more reason to love this brand: their maternity and nursing pillow debuts. The pillow is non-toxic with odorless micro-pearls and made of 100% French cotton fabrics and it’s machine washable. The best part? It doubles as a maternity pillow that will provide multi-position comfort during pregnancy and a nursing pillow once baby arrives. Why invest in two products when you can invest in one great one. Available at in early 2018 for $120.



Noninoni Kids Cribs

What to really expect when expecting: baby gear whose instruction manuals are as complicated as your senior year AP calculus class. Good news: Noninoni Kids is changing this head-scratching rite of passage for new parents. Their brand-new crib, which debuted in October 2017, can be assembled in one minute and requires zero tools (no joke!). Don’t believe us? Watch this video our editor took! Available at starting at $660


Petunia Pickle Disney Axis Intermix Backpack

If you want a diaper bag that uh, doesn’t look like a traditional diaper bag then perusing Petunia Pickle’s line of functional and stylish bags is a must (and we don’t use that word lightly). Earlier this year Petunia Pickle launched their modular Intermix line and after it immediately sold out, they followed up with the new Axis Intermix backpack and this sweet Disney print that debuted in October. With an insulated cooler at the bottom, removable, machine washable and water resistant changing pad, interior pockets and more, this backpack will take you from playdate to playground seamlessly. To say it’s convenient is an understatement. Available at for $179.


Your Favorite Brands, Now Expanded

You’re one loyal customer to your favorite brands. And, who can blame you? Your fave products and gear took you from maternity to the newborn stage and beyond. So when tried and true brands start releasing new lines, you can’t help but feel little kid in a candy shop happy. Here are three worth shouting from the rooftops:

aden + anais Pajamas

aden + anais swaddles have a special place in our heart so when the company announced they would be debuting kids’ pajamas this fall, we immediately did a happy dance. Their 100% cotton pajamas start from size 12M to 4T. Expect great quality, super soft fabric and signature prints—basically, everything you’ve come to know and love about this beloved brand. Available at for $25.


Itzy Ritzy Milk Boss Feeding Support

From diaper bags to teething tools to snack bags, Itzy Ritzy just gets moms. Now, thanks to their new Milk Boss Feeding Support pillow, we feel like they understand us even more. Just-released, the pillow is part infant feeding support, part burping pillow and part arm cushion. Slip the pillow easily on and off your arm when bottle or breast feeding baby. Its design positions baby at the perfect angle to reduce the chance of reflux or gas. And, when you’re done feeding, position baby over the pillow to rest on her tummy while getting burped. Available at for $24.99.

Project Nursery 5” HD Baby Monitor

We could spend hours perusing Project Nursery and even more time swooning over their Instagram feed. But, did you know that Project Nursery also is a leader in the baby monitor space? Their most recent release debuting in November 2017—the 5” HD Dual Connect Wi-Fi Baby Monitor System—will ensure you never miss a moment with your babe. If you’re within Wi-Fi range use the dedicated parent unit (it has an 8 hour battery life) and if you’re away, rely on the Project Nursery app to check in. Other perks include: two-way communication, the ability to record videos and snap photos and infrared night vision. Available at for $279.99


photo: Lorena Canals

Lorena Canals Storage Solutions & Decor

You may know Lorena Canals for their washable rugs. And, this fall they launched a home decor collection featuring some pretty fab items, including the basket tassels (pictured) perfect for storage of toys, blankets, magazines and more. You'll also love their wall hangings, pom pom garlands and cushions that'll really bring any room—not just a nursery or kids' room—to life. Their high-quality new line of decor is just as well-made and charming as their rugs, and we love that the colors and design are versatile enough for any room in your home. Available at



Life on the Go

Busy parents deserve products and gear that can keep up with their active lifestyle. If you’re a family in motion, check out these new products that’ll make your life easier:

Maira.Tie Carrier from Cybex

Safety, function and impeccable style are just a few reasons we can’t get enough of Cybex. And, their yet-to-be-released carrier, the Maira.Tie, epitomizes everything we love about Cybex. The carrier offers an ergonomic seating panel and a multi-functional head and neck rest for newborns to toddlers. With padded shoulder straps for crossed and parallel wearing, this carrier can be tied for front, side and back carrying. Fans of this sleek design will have to be patient—it doesn’t come out until March 2018. Available in March 2018 at for $135.

UppaBaby Double Stroller

There’s a new entry in UPPAbaby’s collection of stylish and highly functional strollers. The Minu, which launches in spring 2018, is 14.5 pounds and folds into a super tiny package. You’ll be amazed at how easily it folds and unfolds with just one hand so you have the other free for holding baby. Pop the folded stroller into your car trunk, or use the carry strap and sling it over your shoulder. Available spring 2018 at for $399-$429.


Moby Fit Wrap

If you’re looking for a wrap, but are a bit intimidated by the long sheaths of fabric (now, how am I supposed to safely get baby in and out of this thing? asked every new parent ever), then you’ll want to check out the new Moby Fit. Available at the end of December 2017, the Moby Fit Wrap goes over your head like a t-shirt and then with just a few knots and adjustments it’s ready to hold baby as you go about your day. Bonus: not sure if you placed baby in correctly? Moby has a free service that allows its customers to video chat with one of their experts to ensure you and baby are getting the most out of your Moby. Available at the end of December 2017 at for $54.99.


Do any of these new products catch your eye? What do you see trending in the baby and kids space? Leave us a comment below!

— Erin Lem and Eva Ingvarson Cerise