Play your cards right this winter with the latest and greatest games for families. From old favorites done up with a twist to brilliant new designs, we’ve found 11 awesome games to play with the kids. Flip through the album below to find your favorite.


Ever wanted to be mayor of your own city? Well, now you can! Quadropolis comes with 20 architects, 65 residents, and 142 building tiles. Each player acts as mayor and designs his or her own city and picks up residents and energy units for each building erected, which then translates into won or lost points based on building choices and layout. The fun (and hard) part is making those decisions. Quadropolis is a new release from the same gaming company as the wildly-popular Ticket to Ride, so we're betting its well worth the hefty price tag.  

Available at, $49.99.

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— Gabby Cullen