From movie nights to hiking the trails, there’s plenty of fun to keep your crew busy while school’s out. You need snacks that can keep up. If you don’t have the time to make your own healthy bites or want to try something new, we’ve got you covered. From real jerky made with natural flavors to protein-filled nut butter and even gourmet marshmallows, keep reading to discover eight snacks you need to try this summer.

1. Popcorn That Packs a Punch
Up the ante at your next neighborhood movie night with superfood popcorn from Living Intentions. Each bite is full of healthy goodness with ingredients like maca root, mesquite pod, and maple. And, there are two billion CFUs of friendly probiotic cultures in every bag, which supports immune health and well-being. The new 1 oz bag is perfect for passing out to your tiny film-goers, and we hear the cinnamon twist flavor tastes like a major “cheat-day” treat! Also available in salsa verde, tandoori turmeric and berry smoothie.

Available at, $1.59 for 1 oz or $5.49 for 4 oz.

2. Fresh Meat
Every soft, fresh bite of Chef’s Cut Real Jerky is full of flavor, and the new Backyard BBQ jerky doesn’t disappoint. As a high protein snack made with real ingredients like brown sugar and ground mustard, with low sodium and no nitrates, this is a good option for road trips or days spent out and about.

Available at, $18.96 for a pack of 4.   

3. You Say Banana
We can’t decide what’s better: the taste of this new brittle, or the company’s backstory (Barnana upcycles organic bananas that don’t pass inspection into tasty snacks). Offered in four flavors—peanut butter, chocolate, coconut, and gingersnap—the banana brittle is also vegan, gluten free and dairy free. We are especially excited about the banana/peanut butter combo—which has been dubbed “The Elvis!”

Available at, $14.99 for a 3-pack.

4. Marshmallows Gone Wild
Your backyard s’mores session just went wildly gourmet. Smashmallow is a healthier version of the classic and comes in delicious flavors like Strawberries & Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, and the brand-new additions: Meyer Lemon Poppy Seed and  Mocha Chip. They’re also made with real cane sugar, fruit juices for color and other real ingredients like cocoa butter, coconut, and even espresso (for you moms!).

Available at, $4 for 4.5 oz.

5. Go Nuttz
We aren’t at all surprised that the creator of NuttZo is a mom with a picky kid who doesn’t get his vitamins on the regular. This tasty nut butter is made with seven different nuts and seeds, including cashews, brazil nuts, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds, is certified gluten free, vegan and organic. There’s no added sugar and no added oil, and each serving contains 510mg of ALA Omega-3s. Slip a few of the new 2Go packets (in creamy, smooth and chocolate!) in your bag and take the word “hangry” out of your vocabulary for good.

Available at, $13.99 for a 10-pack.

6. Sprouted Snacks
This new snack from Erin Baker’s is like granola on a power trip. Made with protein-filled nuts and sprouted pumpkin, millet and sunflower seeds, and seasoned with fresh spices, Blue Bike® Sprouted Snacks are easier to digest and increases nutrient absorption. There are no artificial flavors or ingredients, and they come in five different flavors: Sriracha, sea salt, dark chocolate, peppercorn and coconut curry.  

Available at, $10.06.


8. Jica What?
Everyone loves a good crunchy chip. JicaChips, made from jicama, is exactly that, but with an added bonus. Offered in six flavors (new ones include Chili Lime and Spicy Soy-Ginger), this superfood chip also offers a boost of Vitamin C, potassium, and tummy-approved prebiotics in every bag. 

Available at, $17.94 for a 6-pack.

Will you try these snacks this summer? Share with us in a Comment below. 


—Gabby Cullen

All images courtesy retailers.