Not all of us city folk can spare the space for a pet in our jam-packed apartments, but don’t let that stop you from the next best thing: NYC spots that offer interactions with animals. We’ve rounded up the best places in the city to talk to (and often touch!) the animals. Click through to find your next wild encounter!

Prospect Park Goats

You heard it right: a herd of goats is coming to Prospect Park to help rid parts of the park's woodland area of invasive plants! (The animals' munching will help prep the areas for the planting of helpful plant species.) The whole family can meet and greet the goats the the park's Historic Lefferts Garden House on May 22, and then to learn how to make yarn using wool and craft goat’s milk ice cream. Enjoy special tours to visit the goats and a parade to the Prospect Park Zoo to see sheep-shearing demonstrations and collect fleece.

May 22, 1 - 4 p.m.
Tickets: Free (Registration recommended)
Prospect Park Lefferts Historic House
Prospect Park

photo: via Prospect Park Facebook page

— Meredith Levine

Where’s your favorite spot  in NYC to commune with animals? Tell in the comments!