Brooklyn’s City Point development opened its doors last winter but things really got rocking and rolling there this summer, with the opening of the Dekalb Food Hall and Trader Joe’s in June. In fact, we think City Point is a great “it’s too-hot/cold/rainy-for the playground” solution, as well as a prime place to knock out some back-to-school shopping in the dog days of summer. Click through to see what we mean!

Dekalb Food Hall

We know: NYC has achieved maximum food hall. Still, this addition to the scene — located on the basement level of City Point— is the largest in Brooklyn, offers a wide variety of options for meals, snacks and deserts and is the recipient of rave reviews. In addition to Ample Hills Creamery, Foragers, and Dekalb Taco, it’s also home to NYC institution Katz’s.



City Point
445 Albee Square
Downtown Brooklyn

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—Mimi O’Connor